Project S-Print

Preventing criminals from accessing the equipment and materials to print banknotes and security documents.

In some audacious cases of banknote counterfeiting, high security materials and complete banknotes were sourced under false pretences from the security printing industry. This highlighted a clear need for banknote printing companies and security substrate producers to take the necessary steps to verify the bona fide nature of orders with the relevant issuing institutions.

Project S-Print brings together the law enforcement community and the security printing industry to reduce the proliferation of counterfeit currency and security documents worldwide. Its goal is to prevent organized criminal networks from sourcing the equipment and materials that could be misused for counterfeiting.

Project S-Print complements control systems already in place to mitigate the risk posed by the market in second-hand intaglio printing presses.

Mitigating risks through prevention

Companies operating in the security printing and associated industries are in the habit of conducting due diligence on their prospective customers and their suppliers. Project S-Print provides an added layer of security by promoting the following safe practices:

  •  Maintain and retain full records of all transactions;
  • Profile each new customer, verifying their information through independent and objective sources;
  • Avoid supplying materials when in doubt about the legitimacy of the customer or the use of the equipment;
  •  Report suspicious orders to the police;
  • Dispose of obsolete equipment responsibly and securely.

Benefits of joining

The Project S-Print network contains more than 25 businesses in the security printing and associated industries. Members are given the opportunity to network and share best practices, and benefit from our services such as:

  • Fast and expert checks on the bona fide status of enquiries to supply high security substrates or materials;
  • Timely assistance in carrying out the due diligence process of a potential customer;
  •  A global knowledge-sharing platform with meetings, workshops, and conferences.

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