Private sector partners

Cross-sector partnerships offer solutions to crime fighting.

We form partnerships with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to share expertise, technology and resources to help address the challenges faced by law enforcement and society as a whole.

Working with the private sector helps us bridge gaps and provide vital services or expertise that would not otherwise be available to our member countries.

This cooperation may take the form of funding but often involves the secondment of staff, licensing of software, use of equipment and buildings, and other in-kind donations. In both cases, the selection process is rigorous.

Mutual benefits

Private entities offer a dynamic insight into new technologies and solutions that we can use for the benefit of our member countries and the law enforcement community. For example, technologies in the areas of ballistics, biometric identification and cybersecurity, among many others.

We know from experience that the private sector typically holds more detailed data on cyber threats, attacks and victims than traditional law enforcement agencies. Information exchange between police and private industry is key to developing a comprehensive global response in particular in the aftermath of an attack.

Benefits for the business community include access to a global network of key stakeholders in law enforcement and greater visibility of their contribution towards a safer world.

Transparency and accountability

Strict safeguards are in place to ensure that contributions (financial or otherwise) from the private sector are managed appropriately.

A due diligence process is carried out for all potential partners from the private sector, while the procedure for accepting contributions is governed by our own specific regulations. Transparency and accountability are of the utmost importance.

The due diligence process seeks to ensure that:

  • The partner or potential partner shares the same fundamental values and principles as INTERPOL;
  • The partner’s activities are compatible with the principles, aims and activities of INTERPOL;
  • The contribution is intended for purposes compatible with the principles, aims and activities of INTERPOL.