Executive Committee

Our 13-member Executive Committee supervises the General Secretariat’s work in line with General Assembly decisions.

Role of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the governing body in charge of supervising the execution of the General Assembly’s decisions and the administration and work of the General Secretariat. It meets three times a year and sets organizational policy and direction.

The Committee's members sit at the top level of policing in their own countries and bring many years of experience and knowledge to advise and guide the Organization. Its role is to:

  • Supervise the execution of the decisions of the General Assembly;
  • Prepare the agenda for sessions of the General Assembly;
  • Submit to the General Assembly any programme of work or project which it considers useful;
  • Supervise the administration and work of the Secretary General.

Composition of the Executive Committee

Elected by the General Assembly, the Executive Committee has 13 members comprising the President of the Organization, two vice-presidents and nine delegates. They are all from different countries and the geographical distribution is balanced.

The President is elected for four years, and vice-presidents and delegates for three. They are not immediately eligible for re-election either to the same posts or as delegates to the Executive Committee.

Current members of the Executive Committee

EC composition 2019-2020

Kim Jong Yang (Republic of Korea)


Benyamina Abbad (Algeria)
Šárka Havránková (Czech Republic)
Vice-President for the Americas – Vacant


Khaled Jameel Al Materyeen (Jordan)
Ahmed Nasser Al-Raisi (United Arab Emirates)
Jean-Jacques Colombi (France)
Héctor Espinosa Valenzuela (Chile)
Rogerio Galloro (Brazil)
Robert Guirao Bailén (Andorra)
Destino Pedro (Angola)
Olushola Kamar Subair (Nigeria)
Jannine Van den Berg (The Netherlands)