Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF)

The CCF is an independent body that ensures that all personal data processed through INTERPOL’s channels conforms to the rules of the Organization.

Special Warning

“Please be informed that the Requests Chamber of the Commission continues to work diligently in processing and addressing individual requests to the highest extent possible, despite the COVID-19 outbreak and while its Members and Secretariat staff adhere to governmental and Organizational health and safety measures implemented to date.

As an exceptional measure, and in order to facilitate the work of the Requests Chamber in the context of these evolving developments related to COVID-19, applicants who wish to submit or supplement their request to the Commission are invited to send electronic copies of their communications to the Commission via e-mail at the address <>. However, pursuant to Rule 30 of the Commission’s Operating Rules, for the admissibility of a request, a signed and original letter (and power of attorney when applicable) shall be sent by postal mail.

Please be reminded that, pursuant to Article 20 of its Statute, the Commission takes all appropriate measures to respect the confidentiality of a request, and of the items making up the request submitted to it. The location of the person subject of the request, any information about his/her legal representative, or any information expressly identified as confidential by an applicant, are not disclosed to NCBs.

The Commission invites applicants who wish to submit substantive information concerning their individual request via e-mail to take into consideration the sensitivity of the information provided. If there are concerns regarding electronically sending certain confidential information, applicants are invited to contact the Commission via email to notify it of his/her situation so that it may consider an alternate method of secured communication.”


INTERPOL processes a large volume of personal data through our notices and databases on criminals and crimes, such as names, photos, identifying features and fingerprints. The Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF) is an independent, impartial body, officially responsible for ensuring that the processing of personal data by INTERPOL complies with the applicable rules.

The Commission has three functions, as defined in INTERPOL’s Constitution: a supervisory role, an advisory role, and a processing role—in which it handles individual’s requests for access to, correction of or deletion of data in the INTERPOL Information System.

While the Commission is an independent body of INTERPOL, cooperation with other governing bodies and members of the Organization is essential for it to operate effectively. To perform its functions, the Commission directly consults the INTERPOL General Secretariat, National Central Bureaus and other relevant entities.