Command and Coordination Centre

The Command and Coordination Centre is the nerve centre of INTERPOL’s daily operations.

The Command and Coordination Centre (CCC) is the first point of contact for any country requiring urgent assistance from the General Secretariat or from another country.

Its staff can help national police cross time zones and language barriers when seeking assistance with an investigation. This can be, for example, to locate fugitives or carry out identity checks or database checks.

The CCC provides a 24/7/365 service from its three operations rooms in Singapore, Lyon and Buenos Aires.

Staffed by officials from diverse nationalities, the CCC can respond in all four of our official languages: Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

The CCC operations room in Lyon

Real-time police support

The CCC carries out the following main activities to support police from our member countries:

  • Receives, assesses and acts upon police messages received through I-24/7, our secure global police network;
  • Coordinates communications between the INTERPOL National Central Bureaus (NCBs) in each country, our Regional Bureaus and the crime units at the General Secretariat.
  • Conducts instant checks against our databases and replies to urgent queries;
  • Publishes Notices or alerts on imminent or potential threats and modus operandi;
  • Assumes a crisis management role in the wake of major incidents;
  • Coordinates operational data generated by I-Checkit, an INTERPOL screening solution which allows trusted partners such as airlines to conduct advanced passenger checks;
  • Handles information from members of the public;
  • Monitors and analyses open sources news;
  • Hosts dedicated teams during international operations.
The CCC hosts national police officers during global operations such as Pangea (illicit online pharmaceuticals) or INFRA (fugitives).

Response teams

At the request of NCBs, the CCC can deploy specialized response teams to face a crisis situation or assist with a major international event:

  • INTERPOL Incident Response Team (IRT): Tailored to the specific nature of the incident (terrorist attack, natural disaster, etc.), to provide analytical and investigative support and enhance the exchange of police information;
  • INTERPOL Major Event Support Team (IMEST): Sent to major international sporting and political events to support national police with security arrangements and border control measures.
Open 24/7/365, the CCC supports member countries who require investigative assistance

Training and pre-deployment preparation

Our certified instructors train officers around the world on the use of INTERPOL’s policing capabilities, such as databases and Notices. They also ensure that General Secretariat personnel are fully prepared to go into the field, where they often handle massive amounts of sensitive data, with very little time to act.