Government partners

Government agencies are critical partners in the fight against crime.

Crime pervades every aspect of our lives, wherever we live. It threatens our societies, our economies and our communities. Terrorism, cybercrime, organized crime… crime knows no limits and no frontiers.

Tackling crime can no longer be the preserve of law enforcement alone. National governments are only too aware of this and are keen to participate in a joint response.

No one can go it alone

We partner with government agencies across the globe to provide an added-value response to common challenges. This collaboration allows us to envisage operations which are wider in scope and larger in scale than would be possible with just our own resources.

We harness this synergy in many ways, ranging from exchanging information and pooling manpower and equipment to cooperating in government-funded projects on crime areas which are relevant to particular countries or where specific national expertise has been developed.

External funding plays a role in helping us fulfil our vision of connecting police for a safer world. Most of our voluntary funding comes from government agencies, often from those responsible for policing.

Win-win outcomes

The mutual benefits of law enforcement and governmental cooperation in fighting international crime cannot be stressed enough. These partnerships allow us to join forces with organizations who share similar goals and values, and to avoid duplication. By adopting a streamlined and coordinated approach, we can strengthen law enforcement capabilities on a global level.  

Global Policing Goals

We have developed seven Global Policing Goals which address a range of issues related to crime and security and form the basis for advocacy before national governments.  The goals are aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, especially Goal 16 “Peace, Justice and Strong institutions”.