Financial crime

Financial crime threatens people in every aspect of their lives: at home, at work, online and offline.

The issues

Theft, fraud, deception, blackmail, corruption, money-laundering… The possibilities for making money illicitly are seemingly endless. To so-called white collar criminals, the risks appear low and the returns high.

Financial crime ranges from basic theft or fraud committed by ill-intentioned individuals to large-scale operations masterminded by organized criminals with a foot on every continent.  These are serious criminal activities whose importance should not be minimized as, over and beyond their social and economic impact, they are often closely linked to violent crime and even terrorism.

We are all impacted by financial crime which has taken on a whole new dimension with the rapid advancement of digital technology.

Criminal gangs operate transnationally to avoid detection, and stolen funds cross many physical and virtual borders before they reach their final destination. This is where our global police networks play an essential role.