INTERPOL and the African Union

We work to ensure that the law enforcement voice is heard at the African Union so as to strengthen security in Africa.

The African Union works towards an “integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa”.

Peace, security and respect for the rule of law are important aspects of sustainable development and the aspirations of the African Union. Yet transnational organized crime poses threats daily to the security, stability and economic development of the 55 countries which make up Africa.

Crime challenges affecting the continent include terrorism, cybercrime, trafficking and smuggling of people, drugs, and wildlife products, and poaching.

Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, our Special Representative Office works together with the African Union on matters relating to these law enforcement challenges facing Africa.

The two organizations collaborate to strengthen African police cooperation and tackle these threats. By sharing our resources and expertise, we can ensure a combined response that has more impact, such as jointly participating in activities.

Special Representative of INTERPOL to the African Union

We opened our Office of the Special Representative of INTERPOL to the African Union in May 2016. This office is our point of liaison between INTERPOL’s General Secretariat and the African Union Commission.

Its role includes raising awareness of INTERPOL’s policing capabilities to the African Union’s Commission and its partners and identifying areas of common interest where the two organizations can cooperate, such as online child sexual exploitation.

We work to ensure that all matters pertaining to global law enforcement are adequately included in African Union initiatives, declarations, resolutions, reports and policy decisions.

By promoting law enforcement collaboration with the African Union and its partners, we can develop creative synergies and avoid duplication of work. For example, identifying common areas between our counter-terrorism strategy, and AFRIPOL activities in that domain.