INTERPOL and the European Union

The European Union is a key partner for us in fighting crime and terrorism.

INTERPOL and the European Union work together closely on matters of joint interest, sharing their resources and expertise. INTERPOL is a key partner for the EU in the field of external security, irregular migration, counter-terrorism and organized crime.

Based in Brussels, the Office of the Special Representative of INTERPOL to the European Union works to ensure that the concerns of global law enforcement are adequately represented in EU initiatives and policy decisions. The aims of the office are to:

  • Promote collaboration with the EU in areas pertaining to law enforcement to ensure the strongest possible international cooperation on security and against crime and terrorism, and to ensure that each party benefits fully from what the other can offer;
  • Assist INTERPOL project teams in identifying options for EU funding, where appropriate;
  • Offer INTERPOL’s expertise to the EU’s policymaking and legislative processes, to ensure that new proposals promote wider and more effective international police cooperation.

Major areas of cooperation

Irregular migration

We contribute expertise to the EU’s Migrant Smuggling Clearing House to ensure that information and intelligence about people smuggling and human trafficking networks in the Central Mediterranean are shared with its member countries across the world.

Battlefield evidence

INTERPOL has an agreement with the EU to support the sharing of information about suspected Foreign Terrorist Fighters that is recovered from former ISIS-held territory, or following other conflict situations, in Iraq.

West Africa

We work closely with the EU to support the policing component of the G5 SAHEL Joint Force, helping five countries in the region cooperate effectively against terrorism, organized crime and people smuggling. We are also seeking to modernize their communications technology and develop their biometric expertise.


We are exploring options with EU partners to fund an operational trial on the electronic transmission of Mutual Legal Assistance exchanges. This would speed up the global process considerably, helping bring more offenders to justice. The successful legal feasibility study was funded by the EU’s Justice Programme.

EU-funded projects

The European Union contributes to the funding of several INTERPOL projects, including:

Cooperation with EU Institutions and agencies

EU agencies:

INTERPOL works on joint projects to increase access to INTERPOL’s databases, training and capacity building programmes, and other initiatives with the following EU agencies:

EU Institutions: