The current President of INTERPOL is Kim Jong Yang of the Republic of Korea.

Role of the President

The President of the Organization is elected by the General Assembly for a period of four years.

INTERPOL's Constitution requires that the President:

  • Preside at meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee and direct the discussions;
  • Ensure that the activities of the Organization are in conformity with the decisions of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee;
  • Maintain, as far as possible, direct and constant contact with the Secretary General of the Organization.

The role of President is part-time and unpaid, with the holder retaining their full-time post within their national authority.

Kim Jong Yang's biography

INTERPOL’s current President is Kim Jong Yang, who was elected at the 87th General Assembly in Dubai in November 2018. Mr Kim will serve as President until 2020, completing the four-year mandate of his predecessor Mr Meng, who resigned in 2018.

INTERPOL President Kim Jong Yang
Professional experience

2015-2018      Vice President, INTERPOL Executive Committee

2012-2015      Delegate, INTERPOL Executive Committee

2014               Commissioner, Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency

2013               Director General, Planning and Coordination Bureau, Korean National Police Agency (KNPA)

2012               Commissioner, Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency

2011               Head of INTERPOL NCB Seoul

                       Director General, Foreign Affairs Bureau, KNPA

2010               Director General, National Security Department, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency

2009               Director General, Students Guidance Department, Korean National Police University

2007               Police Attaché, Korean Consulate General in Los Angeles, USA

2005               Assistant Secretary, Information and Policy Monitoring Office, Office of the President

2004               Chief, Seoul Seongbuk Police Station

2001               Chief, Ulsan Jungbu Police Station

2000               Director, Public Security and Traffic Affairs Division, Ulsan Metropolitan Police Agency

1999               Chief, Gyeongnam Gosung Police Station

1995               Section Chief, Intelligence Division III, KNPA

1993               Head, Investigation Division, Pusan Jungbu Police Station

1992               Head, Anti-crimes Division, Pusan Nambu Police Station