CCF sessions and decisions

Dates of upcoming CCF sessions and examples of some of the decisions taken.

Dates of upcoming CCF sessions

The Commission meets at least three times per year. The upcoming sessions are as follows:

  • 112nd Session of the CCF – 6-10 April 2020
  • 113rd Session of the CCF – Summer 2020
  • 114th Session of the CCF – Fall 2020

Anonymized decisions

The CCF issues written decisions, which are provided to the General Secretariat, the applicant and the National Central Bureaus concerned, taking into account any additional applicable restrictions.

As provided for in the Statute of the Commission, all decisions are confidential and not meant for public dissemination. Nonetheless, the CCF publishes certain anonymized decisions on this website to provide information on its activities and in accordance with its Statute.

*Please take note that certain decisions below were rendered prior to the entry into force of the Statute of the Commission in March 2017.

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