INTERPOL to create international anti-corruption academy

٢٠ سبتمبر، ٢٠٠٦

RIO DE JANEIRO – INTERPOL today announced plans to establish the world’s first international anti-corruption academy aimed at tackling the problem of corruption within public services worldwide.

Delegates at INTERPOL’s 75th General Assembly, being held September 19-22 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, voted unanimously in favour of creating the academy as a specific step that INTERPOL – as the world’s largest police organization – can take to address the global problem.

'In law enforcement, our reputation is the most precious thing we have, but also the most fragile,' said INTERPOL President Jackie Selebi. 'Corruption kills police officers and kills societies.'

Scheduled to open in Vienna, Austria, in 2007, the academy will provide anti-corruption training, education and technical assistance to all 186 member countries, and assist in implementing the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

The academy will also conduct research on trends, best practice and new techniques in anti-corruption investigations, and offer operational support and information on causes and effects of corruption in the criminal justice system.

'Corruption is often a significant factor in terrorism and other international crime,' said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald Noble. ' It is imperative, therefore, that INTERPOL and its member country police services attack corruption in a focused, sustained and global manner.'

Once operational, the academy will share its expertise with other police academies to ensure its training meets the social, cultural and linguistic needs of all member countries.

As a non-profit institution, the academy will rely on funding from the international donor community, the private sector and other foundations interested in good governance.

INTERPOL facilitates cross-border cooperation between its 186 member countries, providing secure global police communications, data and police support services to prevent, investigate and prosecute all forms of crime, including terrorism.

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75th INTERPOL General Assembly

75th INTERPOL General Assembly

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