INTERPOL President Jackie Selebi resigns from post

١٣ يناير، ٢٠٠٨

LYON, France - Today, Sunday 13 January, the INTERPOL General Secretariat received a letter from Mr Jackie Selebi, National Commissioner of South Africa’s Police Service, formalising his resignation as President of INTERPOL effective immediately.

As his letter makes clear, Mr Selebi’s decision to resign was made in the best interests of INTERPOL and out of respect for the global law enforcement community that it serves.

The allegations against Mr Selebi relate to his capacity as Commissioner of Police for South Africa and have nothing to do with his position as President of INTERPOL or the work of the organization.

'Based on my experience of working with Mr Selebi in his capacity as Delegate, Vice President and ultimately President of the organization, he has always conducted himself and acted in a way to enhance global security and police co-operation worldwide,' said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble.

'Corruption is one of the most serious offences that any police official can be accused of and INTERPOL has taken a number of significant steps to help law enforcement in our member countries investigate and fight this type of crime.

'INTERPOL believes that any such allegations should be prosecuted thoroughly, and the proper manner is for charges to be brought promptly before a court of law and not through media leaks and speculation,' concluded Mr Noble.

The INTERPOL General Secretariat and its National Central Bureaus around the world will continue to remain focused on its mission; to help law enforcement officers secure their countries’ borders, protect their citizens, investigate crime and enhance global police co-operation.