Relocating to Singapore

All you need to know about moving to Singapore to work for us.
Do I need a special visa to enter Singapore?

This depends on your country of origin. You can check if you need a visa for Singapore on the Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

What type of residence permit will I need?

Staff members who are contracted or seconded for more than 12 months will be issued with an International Organization Pass (IO Pass) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Those contracted for less than 12 months, and interns normally receive an Employment Pass (EP) and a Singapore Pass (SPASS) respectively, issued by the Ministry of Manpower.

Spouses and eligible children of staff will be issued an EP Dependent Pass or IO Dependent pass.

Civil partnership spouses will be issued with a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA). You will be required to provide proof of such partnership, and a certificate from your government and/or Embassy in Singapore. The LTVP is renewable annually.

The Singaporean government does not recognize same sex partnerships or marriages. Same sex dependent partners have to apply for a residence permit on their own merit.

It may take up to six weeks from your arrival date for the issuance of the permit.

Once your arrival date is confirmed, the HR team in Singapore will notify the Singaporean government of your arrival. You will be issued with an “Acknowledgement letter” which will serve as a temporary authorization for signing an apartment contract but this is not sufficient to open a bank account.

What documents should I bring?

You will need 4 passport sized photographs taken on white background, your passport and the disembarkation card you will fill out for immigration.

How do I open a bank account?

Once you have your residence permit, you can open a bank account at any bank of your choosing provided you are satisfied with the minimum deposit requirement which exists for some types of accounts and some banks. Most of them require an attestation from your employers so be sure to request one from HR in advance.

How do I find a place to live?

There are two broad categories of housing in Singapore, public housing commonly referred to as HDBs, and private housing which include private apartments, condominiums and Terrace or Semi-detached houses.

The easiest way is to browse real estate websites (such as, shortlist apartments and arrange viewing. You can use an agent to help you but there will be a cost if the rent of the apartment is lower than 3000 SGD/month.

Please refer to the Relocation guide for more information on Letter of Intent (LOI), Tenancy Agreement, Stamp duty etc.

How can I enrol my children into a school?

Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose between Singaporean schools and private schools.

Private schools can cost up to 2,500 EUR per month.

The Singaporean school calendar starts in January, and the application deadline is September the previous year. Enrolment is more flexible with Kindergarten pupils. Please visit the Singapore Ministry of Education website for more information at Your child may be required to take the international admission examination.