Région: Amériques
Bureau central national: Asuncion
Membre depuis: 1 septembre 1977
How INTERPOL supports Paraguay to tackle international crime.

Tackling Paraguayan crime

A landlocked country sitting geographically between drug consumer and producer regions, Paraguay can attract transnational criminal organizations wishing to carry out smuggling operations into the region, or to cross it on their way to other countries and continents.

In addition, Paraguay’s extensive river system, particularly the Paraguay River which runs North to South across the centre of the country, facilitates the inconspicuous transportation of illegal merchandise. Associated crime includes money laundering and people trafficking.

The international characteristics of these crime types and their links with crime networks around the world make the role of the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in Asuncion fundamental to maintaining national and regional security.

INTERPOL in Paraguay

The INTERPOL NCB in Asuncion is part of the Policía Nacional del Paraguay (PNP) which is the national police force. The NCB is the lead PNP agency for taking national criminal investigations beyond national borders through regional and international police cooperation.

By providing globally-sourced intelligence about regional crime, the NCB helps police officers across Paraguay to detect and investigate the flow of illicit goods along trafficking routes in and around the country. It plays a central role in preventing the country and surrounding region from serving international organized crime.

Staffed with ten police officers, INTERPOL Asuncion provides a 24-hour permanent service and regularly takes part in regional and global police operations.

Paraguay National Police

Law enforcement services in Paraguay are provided by PNP which is part of the Ministry of Interior.