Global partnerships are essential to help fight vehicle crime

Collaborative efforts between a range of stakeholders including law enforcement officials, international organizations insurance companies and non-governmental associations is essential to help combat vehicle crime effectively. We also work with a number of major car manufacturing companies to find new ways of detecting stolen motor vehicles and to increase the quality of the data in the Stolen Motor Vehicles database.

Project INVEX

This project currently involves 25 countries and selected manufacturers who regularly exchange data with INTERPOL. Since its inception in 2009 in Germany, INVEX has contributed to the detection of stolen cars and components in more than 100 countries, leading to thousands of seizures and relevant follow-up investigations.

Phase II of Project INVEX was fully integrated within the Reducing Vehicle Crime and Theft Program, which came to an end in 2022. Phase II saw an increase in the speed of data processing, allowing the rapid collection and analysis of valuable data on transnational organized crime.

New manufacturers are looking to  collaborate on a  third phase of this project, which should start by the end of 2023., New technical features will be implemented in this stage.

Project FADA-RI

This project provides secure access for INTERPOL member countries to the German vehicle identification facility known as FADA. This is a valuable tool for identifying forged vehicles. Specifically, the project focuses on the German manufacturers Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Volkswagen and their subsidiary brands. It currently counts 132 active users, 25 Member countries and over 40,000 searches since the launch in 2021.

Looking ahead

Our fight against transnational vehicle crime can only remain effective if the law enforcement community innovates in line with rapid technological progress.

We are working to enhance our current initiatives to provide better support for the police in our member countries.

By working closely with other stakeholders in the private sector and law enforcement communities, we will be able to pioneer advances in vehicle industry security and generate more efficient tools to identify and recover stolen vehicles.

This programme is made possible with funding from the INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World.