Our global operations help dismantle the criminal networks behind vehicle crime.

INTERPOL-coordinated operations help build national police forces’ capacity to  counter vehicle crime.

Actions in the field are preceded by training workshops to ensure that officers on the ground are trained in a range of skills, including investigative techniques and the use of INTERPOL’s tools and databases.

Training police to fight vehicle crime

Project Formatrain is our standard training programme for investigators of international cases of vehicle theft. Courses include vehicle and document identification; investigative strategies, techniques and tools; the use of INTERPOL's databases and global network; and legal considerations.

Courses are carried out on a regional basis, enabling countries to build working relationships and work together more effectively on cross-border cases. The courses are adapted to the criminal trends threatening that region.

More specialized courses look at digital forensics and plant and construction machinery, which have proven to be very beneficial to member countries.


Coordination of law enforcement experts

INTERPOL’s SMV Task Force supports member countries with operations taking place at ports and border crossings. The Task Force made up of police officers and investigators makes use of the Stolen Motor Vehicle (SMV) database to help identify and dismantle the criminal networks behind illicit trafficking