Région: Asie/Pacifique Sud
Bureau central national: Canberra
Membre depuis: 10 septembre 1948
How INTERPOL supports Australia to tackle international crime.

Australian crime threats

Approximately 70% of serious organized crime that affects Australia comes from abroad or has strong offshore links. Transnational organized crime affects Australia in many ways, but the principal threats are serious crime gangs, firearms trafficking, financial crime, drug criminality and cybercrime.

Maintaining effective professional international relationships and networks is critical for effective law enforcement, and for national security and community safety.

INTERPOL in Australia

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is responsible for Australia’s delivery of international law enforcement services. It hosts the Australian INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in Canberra which operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

The NCB is housed within the AFP’s International Operations unit which helps nurture working relationships with:

  • AFP’s global liaison network of officers deployed across 33 countries;
  • Australia-based foreign law enforcement representatives;
  • Regional and international law enforcement organizations, such as INTERPOL, Pacific Transnational Crime Network and several multi-lateral task-force entities.

NCB Canberra works closely with law enforcement, border, migration, regulatory and government agencies in Australia, as well as foreign counterparts who seek assistance in criminal investigations that extend beyond national borders.

NCB Canberra’s international police investigations primarily target international fugitives and the global movement of foreign terrorist fighters. NCB Canberra supports national and global partners in tracing internationally missing persons, performing urgent welfare checks and next-of-kin notifications for deceased or seriously injured persons, as well as day-to-day criminal intelligence exchange with the global INTERPOL police community.

Australian law enforcement

At national level, the Australian Federal Police is responsible for:

  • Investigating complex, transnational, serious and organized crime;
  • Protecting Australians and Australian interests from terrorism and violent extremism;
  • Representing Australian police and law enforcement internationally;
  • Intelligence exchange and collaboration with international law enforcement partners.

Community policing and local law enforcement duties are the responsibility of state and territory police forces, with the exception of the Australian Capital Territory where these duties are the responsibility of the AFP.

The AFP works closely with a range of other law enforcement and government agencies at local, state/territory, national and international levels to enhance community safety, support the rule of law, and provide a secure regional and global environment.