Región: Asia y Pacífico Sur
Oficina Central Nacional: Riyadh
Fecha de adhesión: 13 de junio de 1956
How INTERPOL supports Saudi Arabia to tackle international crime.

Tackling regional crime internationally

Saudi Arabia is strategically positioned in the Middle East with more than 2.1 million km2 of land and bordering eight countries that lead to Asia, Africa and Europe.

Saudi Arabia's law enforcement and security forces give great importance to fighting a wide range of regional crime, including terrorism, drug trafficking, firearms smuggling and cybercrime.

INTERPOL Saudi Arabia

The nature of these crimes, and their links with criminal networks around the world, make the role of the National Central Bureau (NCB) in Riyadh fundamental to maintaining national and international security.

INTERPOL in Saudi Arabia

Saudia Arabia Ministry of Interior logo and Saudia Arabia INTERPOL logo


The INTERPOL NCB in Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s gateway for international police investigations.

Its staff of police officers, investigators, researchers, crime analysts, translators and technical experts provide Saudi law enforcement with globally sourced intelligence about regional crime, with an emphasis on global police cooperation in counter terrorism, narcotics and counterfeiting.

As part of a strategy to boost security, INTERPOL Riyadh has given customs and border ports direct access to INTERPOL’s global databases allowing them to make instant checks of people, documents and cars. Other law enforcement entities in different parts of the country will also be connected in the near future.

Law enforcement in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for law enforcement in Saudi Arabia.

The INTERPOL NCB in Saudi Arabia is part of the Ministry of Interior.

INTERPOL Saudi Arabia