Región: África
Oficina Central Nacional: Pretoria
Fecha de adhesión: 29 de septiembre de 1993
How INTERPOL supports South Africa to tackle international crime.

Tackling organized crime in South Africa

South African organized crime groups are typically involved in wildlife and forestry crime (particularly stock theft) and trafficking in drugs, firearms, people or counterfeit products. Cybercrime is also a growing national concern.

Most crime networks engage in these crime areas simultaneously, using the same trafficking routes to move multiple forms of illegal produce across the region, often bringing with them violence, insecurity and economic loss.

To anticipate, monitor, prevent and investigate these threats from crime networks who operate globally, South African law enforcement officials need access to a global police cooperation tool enabling them to work with counterparts in all continents.

INTERPOL in South Africa

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in Pretoria is at the heart of the South African Police Service (SAPS), sitting structurally in its Crime Intelligence Division (CID).

NCB Pretoria is SAPS’ lead agency for transnational police investigations linked to South Africa and its citizens. It is a source of international intelligence enabling SAPS to address South Africa’s crime challenges from a global perspective.

NCB Pretoria helps SAPS to take part in police investigations beyond South Africa’s borders, and to share police intelligence with NCBs globally to detect emerging crime trends that could affect South Africa.

Through the NCB, SAPS regularly takes part in INTERPOL-led regional police operations, particularly when they focus on its priority crime areas. It is also an active player in international fugitive investigations linked to South Africa or its citizens, helping countries bring globally wanted criminals to justice.

South Africa Police Service

Law enforcement services in South Africa are the responsibility of the Ministry of Police. The National Police Commissioner answers directly to the Minister of Police.

SAPS is South Africa’s principal law enforcement body, responsible for investigating crime, and maintaining safety and security throughout the country.