Région: Afrique
Bureau central national: Maputo
Membre depuis: 27 novembre 1989
How INTERPOL supports Mozambique to tackle international crime.

Fighting organized crime in Mozambique

Southern African organized crime groups are typically involved in wildlife and forestry crime, particularly stock theft. They also engage in trafficking in drugs, firearms, people, stolen cars and counterfeit goods, especially pharmaceuticals. Cybercrime is also a growing regional concern.

Most crime networks engage in all these crime areas simultaneously, using the same trafficking routes to move multiple forms of illegal produce across the region, often bringing violence, insecurity and economic loss with them.

The international characteristics of these crimes and their links with organized crime groups around the world make the role of Mozambique’s INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) fundamental to maintaining national security.

INTERPOL in Mozambique

NCB Maputo is part of the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC), which operates under the command of the Minister of Interior.

By feeding local investigations with globally-sourced intelligence, the NCB enables officers to detect, investigate and prevent the flow of illicit goods along trafficking routes in and around the country.

The NCB provides national and global operational support in a wide range of crime areas, including environmental crime, illegal migration, trafficking in stolen goods and illicit substances, counterfeit goods, cybercrime and financial crime.

The NCB in Mozambique is an active player in INTERPOL’s global fugitive investigation operations.


Law enforcement in Mozambique

Mozambique’s national police force is called the Mozambique Republic Police (PRM). It is also part of the Ministry of Interior and responsible for public order, protection of people and property, emergency services and national security. It is independent from SERNIC.

SERNIC is responsible for serious organized crime investigations. It provides expert police services such as forensics, ballistics, drugs and diamond investigations, crime analysis and international police cooperation. It carries out strategic operations on behalf of Mozambique, taking part regularly in INTERPOL-led global operations against transnational and organized crime.