NL07 - The woman in the Gaasp river

Operation Identify Me: Seeking the names of unidentified victims of murder

Case name: The woman in the Gaasp river
Case code: 2023-NL07

Facial reconstruction of victim
Victim’s clothing and bag
Victim’s clothing and bag
The victim’s bag
Piece of fabric with logo that was sewn into a jacket, covering a scorch mark.
The men’s clothing found
The watch found, of the brand Guess
Victim’s shoes, size 36
One of the white bags of powder laundry detergent found
  • Date of death (estimated): Probably July or August 1999
  • Date of discovery: 17 September 1999
  • Location: The Netherlands: In the waters of Gaasp river near Driemond, in the Amsterdam region .
  • Sex: Female
  • Estimated year of birth: 1964 - 1981
  • Estimated age: Between 18 and 35 years old
  • Height: 159 cm
  • Skin tone: Light-skinned
  • Hair colour: Dark brown to black
  • Eye colour: Unknown
  • Clothing: The woman wore a dark cable-knit jumper and a turtle neck top, and carried a black faux snakeskin backpack of the brand Esprit. She wore black shoes in size 36.
  • Tattoos, birth marks, scars: Unknown
  • Jewellery: Rectangle-shaped watch of the brand Guess with newly-attached strap.

The case

On 17 September 1999, police found a body in an industrial waste container floating in the river Gaasp. The body was partially encased in concrete and was the body of a woman who had been killed by gunshot.


A facial reconstruction of the victim was made to assist in identification. The woman probably grew up in Western Europe: in Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, the Netherlands or neighbouring countries. She may have had partially Asian roots, which may have shown in her eyes and nose.

The waste container for industrial use of the brand Kliko was produced in 1998.

In addition to the body, the container held men’s clothing, including a white jacket with a striking detail: a logo sewn in over a scorch mark. The waste container also held white bags of powder laundry detergent, possibly used to add weight to the container.

If you have any information regarding the possible identity of this person, please contact the Dutch national police via the form below.

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Identify Me: NL07 - La femme dans la rivière Gaasp

Si vous avez des informations sur l'identité possible de cette personne, veuillez contacter la police nationale