Trinidad y Tobago TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO

Región: Las Américas
Oficina Central Nacional: Port of Spain
Fecha de adhesión: 30 de septiembre de 1964
How INTERPOL supports Trinidad and Tobago to tackle international crime.

Fighting Caribbean crime

Located between the American continent, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, the Trinidad and Tobago archipelago sits on a trafficking corridor linking a drug-producing region with the world’s drug-consuming markets.

Because the drug trade comes with fierce competition for available markets, some of the crime areas most affecting the Caribbean and Central America include extortion, kidnapping and murder typically linked to trafficking in firearms, people and counterfeit goods, in addition to money laundering.

The international characteristics of these crimes and their links with organized crime groups around the world make the role of INTERPOL’s National Central Bureaus (NCBs) in the region crucial to maintaining regional security.

INTERPOL in Trinidad and Tobago

NCB Port of Spain serves as Trinidad and Tobago’s principal operational police platform for sharing and receiving data on regional organized crime, particularly as it relates to stolen vessels, wanted people, drug seizures, identity documents and forensic evidence.

The NCB is part of the Criminal Investigation Department and Criminal Records Office. The Commissioner of Police is the head of the NCB, and is supported by an Assistant Commissioner of Police for Anti-Crime Operations.

With its direct links to police forces in all continents, NCB Port of Spain enables the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service to monitor the wider organized crime picture and to take measures against the resulting violence and trafficking.

Trinidad and Tobago national police services

Both a civil and military force with more than 7,000 police officers, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is part of the Ministry of National Security.