Signing of a Co-operation Agreement between the International Criminal Police Organisation (ICPO-INTERPOL) and the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (EMCCA) on Monday 26th March 2001 at the INTERPOL General Secretariat, Lyons, France

26 mars 2001

INTERPOL and EMCCA have signed a Co-operation Agreement, on Monday 26th March 2001. The INTERPOL President Mr Jesus ESPIGARES MIRA, and the EMCCA Secretary General Mr Jean NKUETE took part in the ceremony as well as M. Pierre MINLO MEDJO, General Delegate to the Public Security of Cameroon and Chairman of the Central African Police Chiefs Committee (CAPCCO)

The purpose of this bilateral agreement is to develop the exchange of information between the two organisations, to establish operational channels of co-operation between both Organisations throughout the world, recognising the importance of further strengthening the co-operation between them within the fields of their mutual competence and to co-ordinate their efforts within the framework of the missions assigned to them.

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See also: Resolution No AGN/69/RES/9.