1st Major Event Safety and Security Conference

8 novembre 2017
Drawing on its global network of experts, Project Stadia delivers international conferences which bring together thought leaders in the field of major international event policing and security to share their experiences and enable member countries to learn from their counterparts.

7 – 8 November 2017 - Doha, Qatar

From 7 to 8 November 2017, under the aegis of Project Stadia, Doha will host the 1st Major Event Safety and Security Conference, co-organized by INTERPOL and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in Qatar.
The agenda for the conference will include a review of the global threat environment and implications for future major events, planning implications for recent and upcoming major event host nations, and event critical infrastructure resilience.
The event will be attended by senior Qatari and INTERPOL officials, as well as senior representatives worldwide from government agencies, law enforcement, international, academic, and key private sector organizations.

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