BEL05 - The woman in the Meuse

Operation Identify Me: Seeking the names of unidentified victims of murder

Case name: The woman in the Meuse
Case code: 2023-BEL05

Facial reconstruction 2D of the victim
Top worn by the victim
Top worn by the victim
Striped pants worn by the victim
Striped pants worn by the victim
Black bra and panties from the brand ‘Chique’
  • Date of death (estimated): Undetermined.
  • Date of discovery: 7 June 2005
  • Location: Belgium: In the Meuse in Jambes, a borough of Namur, Boulevard de Meuse, (right bank), at the level of the harbour master's office.
  • Sex: Female
  • Estimated year of birth: Between 1960 and 1980
  • Estimated age: Between 25 and 45 years old
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Skin tone: Light-skinned
  • Hair colour: Brown or black
  • Eye colour: Undetermined
  • Clothing: The woman was distinctively dressed in matching trousers and top. Vertical stripes run across the pants in a slightly lighter shade. The pant legs run wider towards the bottom. The woman also wore a black bra and black panties from the brand ‘Chique’. Shoe size 38.
  • Tattoos, birth marks, scars: The woman presumably had a scar on the right side of her face, about 4 cm long, above the lip. She also had a scar due to the removal of her appendix.
  • Jewellery: None

The case

The River Meuse flows into Belgium from France; the first major city on the river in Belgium is Namur. On 7 June 2005, the body of a woman was found near Jambes, a borough of Namur.


The woman was aged between 25 and 40 years old, with a medium build. She had dark, medium-length wavy hair, a light complexion and her teeth were in good condition.

She may have had a scar of about 4 cm long on the right side of her face above her lip. Her appendix was surgically removed.

The victim was wearing a beige top and beige striped pants with underneath a black bra and black panties, both from the brand ‘CHIQUE’. Her toenails were painted red.

If you have any information regarding the possible identity of this person, please contact the Belgian national police via the form below.

You can also contact them and view this case on their national police website.


Identify Me: BEL05 - La femme dans la Meuse

Si vous avez des informations sur l'identité possible de cette personne, veuillez contacter la police nationale