DE06 - The woman with the flower skirt

Operation Identify Me: Seeking the names of unidentified victims of murder

Case name: The woman with the flower skirt
Case code: 2023-DE06

Dark blue skirt with light flower pattern, make "De Ville".
The victim's clothing
Light-coloured T-shirt, make "Speedway"
A handbag - found in the outdoor area of a restaurant ("Präger Böden") more than 6 km away. Cannot be reliably linked to the victim
Close-up view of the bag
White sandals with gold-coloured metal ornament, size 38, make "Roberto Santi"
The shovel was found near the dead body.
  • Date of death (estimated): 10 to 20 July 1997
  • Date of discovery: 24 July 1997
  • Location: Germany: In the town of Todtnau, Präg quarter, Heidelbeerbühl area, near Weissenbach forest car park
  • Sex: Female
  • Estimated year of birth: Around 1977
  • Estimated age: Around 20
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Skin tone: Unknown
  • Hair colour: Brown, 34 cm long
  • Eye colour: Unknown
  • Clothing: The woman was wearing a light-coloured T-shirt, make "Speedway" a dark blue skirt with a light flower pattern, make "De Ville", and a blue plastic belt with a gold-coloured buckle. On her feet were white sandals with gold-coloured metal ornament, size 38, make "Roberto Santi". She wore a light-coloured bra and a white cotton slip, make "Trend", size S.
  • Tattoos, birth marks, scars: Unknown
  • Jewellery: Unknown

The case

On 24 July 1997, the partially burnt body of a woman was found in a pit. A shovel was found near the pit. The woman is believed to have been lying there for several days up to about two weeks. It was not possible to establish the exact cause of her death or to identify the woman.

The place where the body of the woman was found is located in the extreme south of Germany, close to the French and Swiss borders.


The woman may have carried a handbag make "DeLanee" which was found near a restaurant ("Präger Böden").

The young woman's clothing and her shoes might help to identify her. Her clothes were sold in shops of the Vögele company in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Her sandals  were produced by an Italian company but they may have been purchased in other countries.


If you have any information regarding the possible identity of this person, please contact the German national police via the form below.

You can also contact them and view this case on their national police website.


Identify Me: DE06 - La femme à la jupe fleurie

Si vous avez des informations sur l'identité possible de cette personne, veuillez contacter la police nationale