Radiological and Nuclear terrorism

Tackling the threat of criminals and terrorists obtaining nuclear or other radioactive materials.

The threat

Nuclear and other radiological materials have benefited society in areas of medicine, agriculture, industry and the provision of energy. There is a risk, however, that nuclear or other radiological materials could be used in terrorism or other criminal acts.

The detonation of an improvised nuclear device (IND), radiological dispersal device (RDD), or the placing of a radiological exposure device (RED) would lead to serious consequences. Such incidents would damage human health and the environment, create panic, and affect economic and political stability.

Prevent, detect, respond and investigate

At INTERPOL, we focus on the development and delivery of projects designed to raise awareness on the availability and vulnerability of radiological and nuclear materials.

This in turn improves the capability and capacity of member countries to prevent, detect, respond to and investigate terrorist and criminal acts involving these materials.

We use a multi-agency approach in all of our activities, promoting relationship-building, information sharing, and encouraging the development of joint agency response plans.

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