BEL04 - The woman in the Scheldt

Operation Identify Me: Seeking the names of unidentified victims of murder

Case name: The woman in the Scheldt
Case code: 2023-BEL04

Facial reconstruction of victim
Facial reconstruction of victim
The victim's socks
The victim’s bra
Bra label: recto “LINNEÏ”
Bra label: verso “Size: 90B STYLE ITALY“ and large letter ”C“
  • Date of death (estimated): Cannot be determined.
  • Date of discovery: 20 April 2002
  • Location: Belgium: In the river Scheldt, Linkeroever in Antwerp, near the Monument King Baudouin.
  • Sex: Female
  • Estimated year of birth: Between 1962 and 1982
  • Estimated age: Between 20 and 40 years old
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Skin tone: Light-skinned
  • Hair colour: Undetermined
  • Eye colour: Undetermined
  • Clothing: The woman was wearing socks, a bra and dark underpants. The bra is from the brand ‘Linneï’, size 90B. She had shoe size 34-36.
  • Tattoos, birth marks, scars: Undetermined
  • Jewellery: None

The case

The river Scheldt passes through Antwerp from the south and flows into the Westerschelde. Near Antwerp, the river curves past the Antwerp district of Linkeroever. On Saturday 20 April 2002, a body was found in the Scheldt, off Linkeroever, in the water. The body is believed to have been in the water for several months. Her identity has always remained a mystery.


A reconstruction has been made of the woman's face and shows how she may have looked when she was alive. The woman is believed to have been between 20 and 40 years old when she died. She was 1.63 meters tall and had a normal stature. Her teeth were in good condition and she was a smoker. This information, in combination with the facial recognition and the garments she was wearing may help in the identification of this woman.

If you have any information regarding the possible identity of this person, please contact the Belgian national police via the form below.

You can also contact them and view this case on their national police website.


Identify Me: BEL04 - La femme dans l'Escaut

Si vous avez des informations sur l'identité possible de cette personne, veuillez contacter la police nationale