INTERPOL Police Training Symposium

An international forum for law enforcement education experts

Held every two years, the INTERPOL Police Training Symposium promotes best practice in law enforcement training. Participants exchange ideas on how best to enhance law enforcement capacity and international cooperation within the current global security architecture.

September 2022

Online and in-person in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Under the theme of Law Enforcement Training for a Post-Pandemic World, the 2022 symposium focused on how law enforcement responded and adapted to the global pandemic and how they are using this experience to shape the training of the future.

Discussions centred on the following key themes:

  • Disruptive emergency scenarios – assessing how law enforcement responded and adapted to the global pandemic, as well as other crises;
  • Training technologies of the present and future – assessing how law enforcement are using evolving technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence to support training and hybrid learning;
  •  Building solid training foundations– ensuring that training is sustainable and has a long-term impact.

Who should attend?

The Symposium is designed for executive-level officers from national, regional and international entities in the field of police capacity building, training and development. This includes academic institutions involved in law enforcement education.

We also encourage the participation of specialized law enforcement officers involved in operational training in specific crime areas, as well as law enforcement officers at management level who are interested in exchanging their experiences and views.