INTERPOL Police Training Symposium

An international forum for law enforcement education experts

Held every two years, the INTERPOL Police Training Symposium promotes best practice in law enforcement training. Participants exchange ideas on how best to enhance law enforcement capacity and international cooperation within the current global security architecture.

Who should attend?

The Symposium is designed for executive-level officers from national, regional and international entities in the field of police capacity building, training and development. This includes academic institutions involved in law enforcement education.

We also encourage the participation of specialized law enforcement officers involved in operational training in specific crime areas, as well as law enforcement officers at management level who are interested in exchanging their experiences and views.

2020 Virtual Event

Under the theme of Professional Policing: Education for the future, the Symposium took place online in November 2020. It focused on how police training institutions can prepare for the future against the backdrop of a constantly evolving security landscape and the increasing globalization of crime.

Strong and adaptable police training is more important than ever. It involves leveraging partnerships and advances in technology and data science to ensure that learning and decision-making processes are evidence-based, and above all, effective.

Discussions took place throughout the day, across various time zones, ensuring truly global participation and enriching contributions. They centred on the following three areas:

  • Adaptability and foresight practices of police training institutions;
  • Global developments in police training content, methodologies and philosophy;
  • Police training as a shared responsibility – successes, challenges and best practices.