INTERPOL Virtual Academy

Our digital learning platform provides a wealth of training tools for police.

The INTERPOL Virtual Academy provides digital training for law enforcement officers in our member countries. Courses cover INTERPOL policing capabilities, transnational crimes and professional policing skills.

Aimed at both new and experienced officers, it offers instructor-led courses as well as self-paced training, reaching those who most need it when they need it.

Among the different types of training are:

  • I-Le@rn
    The I-Le@rn portal offers more than 80 self-paced e-learning courses on a broad range of police topics: from counter-terrorism, human trafficking and cybercrime to gender equality and human rights considerations for law enforcement.
  • Small private online courses (SPOCs)
    These are dynamic instructor-led courses, with a small group of participants, typically lasting between four and eight weeks. Course content is released on a daily or weekly basis through a dedicated portal. Participants can access videos, e-learning modules, podcasts, articles, tests and more, and interact with each other during livestream webinars and in forums.
  • Educational webinars
    Standalone or part of a series, educational webinars are typically an hour long and provide law enforcement officers around the world with specialized knowledge on a specific area. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in polls, and webinars are made available to watch again after the event.
  • Library
    Our Virtual Academy library contains educational resources, such as academic papers and guidelines, for law enforcement officials who wish to explore topics in greater depth.

The INTERPOL Virtual Academy also provides access to two complementary platforms:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Crime Investigators College. This is an online training platform for law enforcement and stakeholder groups in intellectual property (IP) crimes. It is delivered in partnership with UL Standards & Engagement. Register for training or find out more at
  • INTERPOL Global Knowledge Hub:  This is a secure online environment for real-time knowledge exchange and law enforcement networking. It has specialized work spaces which are accessible only on invitation by the work space community managers.
INTERPOL Global Learning Centre
The e-learning platform offers 60 different courses and has 17,000 registered users

How to access the Virtual Academy

The Virtual Academy is open to law enforcement officials and select INTERPOL partners who can request access in two ways:

  • from the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in their country;
  • by sending a message via our online contact form.

Once requests have been assessed and approved, INTERPOL will provide the necessary information to access the platform securely.