I-Le@rn FAQ and help

Technical requirements

Using I-Le@rn requires a Flash plugin version 6 or higher, and pop-ups need to be enabled in your web browser. This site is best displayed in a resolution of 1280 x 960.

Some courses might take a few minutes to load.  Please be patient.

Who can access I-Le@rn?

I-Le@rn is only available to the law enforcement community. This can be in two ways:

  • National Central Bureau staff can access via the I-24/7 network; this is provided by the National Security Officer.
  • Other members of law enforcement organizations can access via our https network. To request an account, contact your NCB asking them to send an e-mail with your name, surname, title, agency, and e-mail address to Virtual Academy.

How can I contribute to I-Le@rn?

If you think that your organization can contribute to our learning resources, please contact the INTERPOL Virtual Academy team.

How can I provide feedback?

Feedback is crucial in education and training.

Virtual Academy

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