Our response

Operational and investigative support to counter human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

Our response

We help law enforcement agencies around the world combat human trafficking and migrant smuggling through a variety of activities designed to increase their capacity to detect and investigate these crimes while protecting victims and vulnerable people.

Police cooperation and information exchange

  • Facilitating information sharing through the use of our secure global communications system, i24/7;
  • Promoting the use of INTERPOL’s notices and diffusions system to locate missing persons, track criminals and suspects or collect information;
  • Providing access to our databases, especially those used to detect stolen, lost or fraudulent travel documents, and our forensic databases.
INTERPOL supports Moldovan police to fight against human trafficking.
INTERPOL coordinates operation to combat child labour.
INTERPOL coordinates operation to combat trafficking of children.
On the ground support during INTERPOL-led Operation Turquesa III (2021).
Capacity building to strengthen human trafficking investigations in West Africa.
Capacity building to strengthen human trafficking investigations in West Africa.

Criminal analysis

We assess current threats and trends and produce operational and strategic analysis reports to support law enforcement decision making in INTERPOL member countries.

The Odyssey Crime Analysis File is the basis for this work. This analysis file is a criminal intelligence database created for the collection of data from INTERPOL member countries and other sources to find links between different instances of crime.

Transnational operations

We help member countries dismantle the criminal networks behind human trafficking and migrant smuggling through investigative support and global operations.

Operations are preceded by training workshops to ensure that officers have the necessary skills to detect cases of human trafficking and migrant smuggling. Operations often have a regional focus such as Turquesa across the Americas, WEKA in Africa, Storm Makers in Asia or cover multiple continents such as Liberterra. Between them, these operations identify hundreds of criminals and detect thousands of victims every year.

Development of law enforcement capacity

We work to increase the knowledge and skillsets of law enforcement officers to detect, prevent and investigate crimes as well as safeguard victims and migrants in vulnerable situations. This is done through national and regional needs assessments and the design and delivery of training courses.

Coordination of law enforcement specialized networks

Two specialized networks, comprised of experts from a variety of law enforcement agencies, provide advice and support to INTERPOL’s activities, facilitating the exchange of best practices and intelligence:

  • INTERPOL’s Human Trafficking Expert Group (HTEG)
  • INTERPOL's Specialized Operational Network (ISON) against Migrant Smuggling