Radiological and nuclear prevention

We build capacity to identify and mitigate nuclear security risks.

To assist law enforcement in thwarting the acquisition of nuclear and radiological materials by terrorists, we have developed two workshops and a training course. These are aimed at increasing member countries’ capacity to identify and mitigate nuclear security risks, counter the threat of insiders, and to begin planning to respond to an attempted material acquisition.

Through completion of these workshops and courses, member countries will have the tools necessary to build an effective prevention and deterrence programme.

Risk identification and mitigation workshop

This workshop assists law enforcement in our member countries to prevent, and investigate the theft of radiological materials.  

It encourages engagement with industry and regulators to identify locations where radiological and nuclear materials are present, compile a list, review, assess and monitor security arrangements that enhance the overall security.  

The intention of the workshop is to help member countries develop a library of sources, and coordinate effective multi-agency working groups that support investigations and prosecutions.

Mitigating insider threat and enhancing security of materials

Understanding the access of employees to an organization’s critical infrastructure, such as IT, energy and equipment, is central to the security of nuclear sites and radioactive materials.

In response to this threat, an INTERPOL-tailored course focuses on developing awareness of the threat from disenfranchised or radicalized employees or insiders. It provides participants with strategies for pre-employment screening and behavioral assessments and helps develop strong security cultures.

Nuclear security prevention and response course

The use of radiological and nuclear materials within industry as well as health, academia, transport, and mining is increasing every year. The desire and intention of terrorist groups to acquire radioactive material is a very real threat.

At INTERPOL, we work to increase the capacity and capability of law enforcement to secure all materials and prevent a potentially catastrophic event from happening. This course, which identifies the need for a coordinated approach in responding to alarms involving radioactive materials, has a significant role to play in the prevention, response and coordination to such incidents.

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