Our operating environment is continuously evolving; strategic planning is essential to ensure we can deliver on our mission.

Our vision

“Connecting police for a safer world"

Our vision is a world where law enforcement professionals can securely access, share, and communicate vital police information whenever and wherever needed, thereby supporting the security of the world's citizens.

Our mission

"Preventing and fighting crime through enhanced cooperation and innovation on police and security matters"

We facilitate the widest possible mutual assistance between law enforcement authorities through secure channels, access to global police data and information, operational support, capacity building and training.

Strategic Framework 2022-2025

In today’s interconnected world, law enforcement agencies must operate in an increasingly complex and digitalized environment. We play a key role in supporting them in these challenging times.

Strategic and business planning is fundamental to ensuring that we continue to support global law enforcement and achieve our organizational vision and mission.

Our roadmap for this is the 2022-2025 Strategic Framework, which guides our global activities though five key goals.