Cybercrime threat response

Coordinating a global response to cyberthreats

There are no borders in cyberspace – threats and attacks can come from any location at any time, posing challenges for police because incidents may involve suspects, victims and crimes spanning multiple countries.

INTERPOL helps member countries to identify, triage and coordinate the response to cyberthreats.

By collaborating with private cybersecurity partners who share up-to-date data on threats, trends and risks, we ensure police have the most relevant up-to-date threat information to guide their actions.

We use this data to generate cyber intelligence to assist countries in developing prevention and disruption strategies to target the most pressing threats while looking ahead to prepare for emerging ones.

Cyber Fusion Centre

Our Cyber Fusion Centre (CFC) brings together cyber experts from law enforcement and industry to gather and analyse all available information on criminal activities in cyberspace to provide countries with coherent, actionable intelligence.

The CFC publishes reports to alert countries to new, imminent or evolving cyberthreats. Past reports have covered identified threats involving malware, phishing, compromised government websites, social engineering fraud and more. Since 2017, we have issued more than 800 reports to police in more than 150 countries.