Cybercrime Collaboration Services

Secure information-sharing platforms for law enforcement and partners

Cybercrime is one of the most prolific forms of transnational crime. Highly complex cyber threats such as Malware, Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) and Ransomware bring new challenges to law enforcement – including large volumes of data, cross-border investigations, and new areas of technical knowledge.

Given the constant evolution of the cybercrime landscape, police agencies need to share information and knowledge with their counterparts around the world to develop a timely, intelligence-based response.  

INTERPOL has created two secure and flexible services to facilitate cybercrime-related communication among police and other stakeholders:

  • Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange workspace, which handles general, non-police information and is open to all relevant users;
  • Cybercrime Collaborative Platform – Operation, to support law enforcement operations, with access restricted to operational stakeholders only.

Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange

Aim of the Service

The Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange (CKE) workspace is open to law enforcement, governments, international organizations and cybersecurity industry experts to exchange non-police operational information on cybercrime.

This unique workspace is a dynamic communication channel that enables users around the world to discuss the latest cybercrime trends, prevention strategies, detection technologies and investigation techniques with authorized colleagues globally.

The CKE will foster an international network of subject matter experts to share knowledge and experience in this field.  

How can I get access?

Law enforcement officers and members of INTERPOL National Central Bureaus (NCBs) are invited to join the Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange workspace. Please contact your NCB’s National Security Officer (NSO), who will guide you through the process.

International and private entities can request to join the CKE by contacting the INTERPOL Cybercrime Directorate.

Cybercrime Collaborative Platform – Operations

Aim of the service

The first of its kind, the Cybercrime Collaborative Platform – Operation (CCP – Operation) is a centralized information hub for the coordination of global law enforcement operations against cybercrime.

Hosting multiple, independent workspaces, this restricted-access platform enables operational stakeholders to share intelligence in an interactive and secure environment.  

The platform will enhance the operational efficiency and effectiveness of member countries. It will enable them to see the bigger picture of cyber threats and trends and therefore better focus their resources and avoid duplication of effort. 

How can I get access?

Due to the sensitive nature of the information exchanged via CCP – Operation, access to this platform is restricted.

Vetted platform members from NCBs and law enforcement authorities, as well as international or regional organizations and private partners that INTERPOL has cooperation agreements with, will be invited to join specific workspaces to actively support operations.

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