INTERPOL Innovation Centre

Promoting creative and innovative solutions to fight technology-enabled threats

By bringing together experts from a wide range of backgrounds, the INTERPOL Innovation Centre develops contemporary, creative solutions to challenges in policing.

We facilitate thought leadership and connect law enforcement, academia and private sector partners to exchange knowledge and explore new technologies and emerging cyber threats.

The work of the Innovation Centre is split into four thematic labs:

  • INTERPOL Responsible Artificial Intelligence Lab – facilitates general artificial intelligence (AI) awareness, knowledge, and expert exchange, with a focus on responsible AI use;
  • Cyberspace and New Technologies Lab - assesses key ways to disrupt, predict and investigate emerging threats in the cyberspace;
  • Digital Forensics Lab - provides operational assistance in digital forensic investigations including mobile devices, unmanned aerial systems and shipborne equipment on seized vessels;
  • Futures and Foresight Lab - identifies and analyzes global developments in technology, strategy, and policy.

Through these labs, the Centre supports police in addressing emerging technology-enabled threats and challenges. By promoting close analysis and research, the Centre also highlights potential trends and phenomena, which may affect law enforcement work.

The Innovation Centre is based in the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore. Its activities are grouped into four main clusters:

  • Networking and knowledge exchange on best practices, latest technologies, tools, methodologies, and developments in law enforcement;
  • Standard setting, guidance and publications - assists member countries in assessing emerging trends and maintaining state-of-the-art laboratories;
  • Support in building capabilities - delivering relevant training material and harmonizing content;
  • Operational support – equipping law enforcement agencies with the tools and knowledge to fight against transnational crime.
INTERPOL’s Proactive Approach to Synthetic Media Threats

INTERPOL aims to assist member countries in understanding and fighting potential threats from one of today’s most impactful form of content — synthetic media. The fast-changing development of AI technologies and mainstream access to platforms offering content generation services provide criminals a breeding ground for synthetic media used in malicious and harmful activities. Synthetic media — crafted with malicious intent — thrives in this ecosystem. In an era where synthetic media wields unprecedented influence, law enforcement is required to actively combat the potential threats posed by this transformative content form.

As synthetic media platforms become more sophisticated, law enforcement faces a critical task: discerning authenticity amidst a sea of digital content. The stakes are high, as these fabricated narratives infiltrate various criminal activities, affecting diverse segments of society. The INTERPOL report Beyond Illusions: Unmasking the Threat of Synthetic Media for Law Enforcement provides member countries an introduction to the technology, creation, distribution, impact of synthetic media. Moreover, it outlines the specific needs of law enforcement, ensuring they remain at the forefront of combating this multifaceted criminal phenomenon and investigation spectrum of synthetic media, unveiling the truth behind synthetic illusions and empowering law enforcement to protect digital reality.