Integrated Border Management Task Force

Our task force supports law enforcement officers working at the frontline of border security.

We need to maintain close coordination with a wide range of stakeholders and improve data-sharing capabilities to ensure we can follow the trail of criminals as they cross the globe.

Our Integrated Border Management Task Force (IBMTF) is the linchpin in this respect. Drawing on varied expertise, it  assists member countries to enhance their own border security by:

  • Running operations at air, land, and sea border points;
  • Screening people, travel documents, and vehicles against INTERPOL databases during operations;
  • Using biometric data;
  • Providing access to INTERPOL databases that are not regularly available and focusing enforcement efforts on certain crime areas;
  • Delivering training courses related to crime areas often seen at border points;
  • Improving worldwide border management policy through direct and indirect partnership with member countries and international organizations.

Training frontline officers

We deliver training courses on basic security measures and crime-specific skills, which are then consolidated through real-time operations designed to put those skills into practice.

Key training topics include:

  • Facial recognition;
  • Document fraud awareness;
  • Use of INTERPOL Mobile Devices (IMD);
  • INTERPOL policing capabilities (including INTERPOL notices and databases).

Border security operations

We also run border security operations with the cooperation of international partners and member countries. These target fraudulent documents as well as persons subject to INTERPOL notices and diffusions, and other specific crime areas of importance.

During these operations, we can extend access to INTERPOL’s databases on an ad-hoc basis.

The operations below are a good example of how local law enforcement can leverage INTERPOL tools with impressive results.

Operation Manila

March and May 2022

Terrorist threats have increased in the East Asia-Pacific region in parallel with the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). This is also due to increased cooperation and links between pre-existing terrorist groups and the formation of new ones.

In this context, INTERPOL carried out border management operations in Manila in March and May 2022. Of the 55 hits against INTERPOL’s databases, 42 were related to lost or stolen travel documents. In locations such as Palawan, which does not have data connectivity, INTERPOL deployed mobile equipment to allow for searches of fugitives, stolen or lost passports and stolen vehicles.

INTERPOL and NCB Manila collaborate in border checks
INTERPOL checks travel documents as part of Manila operation
NCB Manila help with border control operation
Law enforcement officers receive training on document fraud awareness
INTERPOL and NCB Manila end training course with law officers

Border management is a global issue

We partner with other major international organizations to share data and where appropriate organize joint operations. Some of our key partners are listed below.