Training to fight illicit goods

We help police and partners to build their skills in fighting illicit trafficking.

We deliver training to our member countries and partners worldwide to build the skills and knowledge of all agencies involved in the fight against illicit trafficking and pharmaceutical crime.

Our training portfolio covers practical training as a precursor to operations, specialized courses in investigative techniques, train-the-trainer sessions and online learning courses.

e-Learning for IP crime investigators

The International Intellectual Property Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) is a fully interactive online training facility for law enforcement, regulatory authorities and private sector investigators in intellectual property (IP) crimes. It is delivered in partnership with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

IP Crime Investigators College - logo

IIPCIC works to:

  • Provide IP crime professionals with specialist learning on the subject of transnational organized IP crime;
  • Deliver leading-edge training that meets international standards;
  • Create a network of certified IP crime investigators;
  • Facilitate cooperation between the public and private sectors;
  • Ensure investigators have a common understanding of the issues, roles and recommended intervention strategies, thereby improving joint enforcement operations.

Representatives from more than 160 countries have registered to take our online IP crime training courses. To cater for such a global audience, the courses are available in six languages: Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.

Project Health  

Training courses run under Project Health build the capacity of law enforcement agencies to fight pharmaceutical crime and public health infringements. Courses are conducted in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

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