Our response

We offer operational and investigative support to fight the global trade in illicit goods.

Given the transnational nature of crimes related to illicit goods and global health, and the need for cross-sector and cross-border collaboration, INTERPOL’s involvement is essential.

We work to dismantle criminal networks and reduce the risk to public health by:

  • Collecting data and disseminating intelligence (e.g. analytical reports and threat assessments);
  • Coordinating transnational law enforcement operations;
  • Supporting multi-agency task forces, to improve cooperation between police, customs, regulatory bodies and the private sector;
  • Delivering national and regional training sessions and promoting the International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC);
  • Raising public awareness and helping consumers to make informed choices.

Operations to tackle Illicit goods

We coordinate law enforcement operations in the field to help our member countries remove illicit products from circulation and to dismantle the illegal networks behind these crimes.

To ensure that operations are fully effective, we provide training in advance and investigative support afterwards. This assists our member countries in the full cycle from planning through to prosecution.

Our operations and initiatives are conducted on a regional or global level and target the following areas:

We also support operations led by various partners, including the World Customs Organization (WCO), Europol and the European Anti-Fraud Office.

Our support in Africa

Read about INTERPOL’s response to intellectual property crime in Africa, including capacity building, mentoring, criminal analysis and operations. This article was first published in the Fourteenth Edition, Volume 4, Number 4 of  The Brand Protection Professional (BPP) on December 20, 2019.