INTERPOL celebrates International Women's Day 2022

8 March 2022
Honouring the women who make a difference to global policing
Jürgen Stock - INTERPOL Secretary General

As Secretary General of INTERPOL, I would like to invite men and women from around the world to join our collective efforts in celebrating International Women's Day around the theme of “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow".

For INTERPOL, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to honour the dedicated women worldwide who serve and protect our communities, often in challenging or dangerous environments.

Gender equality in policing is not a female-only issue.  Men are important partners in facilitating gender parity and can act as change agents in a male-dominated policing culture.

Police forces need stronger female representation at all levels, but in particular, need more women in leadership positions.

As a mother and a wife, I actively participate in making the world a safer place, and I am proud of that. - Commissaire Divisionnaire Edwige Scholastique Gbippa, Head INTERPOL NCB Bangui, Central African Republic

INTERPOL’s international women’s day: insights from around the world

INTERPOL is proud to give voice on this page to some of the exceptional women who lead global law enforcement either in their role as Head of INTERPOL National Central Bureau, as a national police chief, or on INTERPOL’s Executive Committee.

I encourage women in all the continents to join the police to fight crime in any form it takes. I am proud to be a police officer and I believe women have a major role to play when faced with new security challenges. Well done and thank you to all the women who work tirelessly for our security. - Commissaire principale – Head of NCB Innocentia Gertruide APOVO MONTEIRO
If you are determined to make your dream reality, no obstacle will be insurmountable. - María Alicia MALO SÁNCHEZ, Director of the International Cooperation Division Spanish National Police, SPAIN – INTERPOL Executive Committee member
As a minority, quality is the only guarantee of survival. Knowing that we are few in number, we are dedicated to improving. - Comisaria María Carmen Muñoz Gonzalez, Head INTERPOL NCB Madrid, Spain

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

Women in senior positions inspire others to follow and encourage young women contemplating their choice of career to consider joining the police. It is a profession like no other with  varied, interesting and fast paced roles where women really make a difference.  

Leadership by women in the National Police means active participation in decision making and operational planning for the benefit of the Nicaraguan public and their security. - Comisionada Mayor, Head of NCB, Martha Alicia MARTINEZ RAMOS, NICARAGUA – Head of NCB
Self-sacrifice, dynamism, rigour, these are the key words which must govern any action taken by a woman who is a winner, a leader. - Commissaire Divisionnaire Ami Flora Savane Fanny, Head INTERPOL NCB Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Modern policing needs to reflect the communities it serves. We all have to make it our mission to make sure that police women can work free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination, in an environment where their voices are heard and understood.  

Together, we can all #BreakTheBias.