Red Notices

What is the purpose of an INTERPOL Red Notice?

A Red Notice is a request to locate and provisionally arrest an individual pending extradition. It is issued by the General Secretariat at the request of a member country or an international tribunal based on a valid national arrest warrant. It is not an international arrest warrant.

INTERPOL cannot compel any member country to arrest an individual who is the subject of a Red Notice. Each member country decides for itself what legal value to give a Red Notice within their borders.

Are the individuals wanted by INTERPOL?

No, they are wanted by a country or an international tribunal. When INTERPOL publishes a Red Notice this is simply to inform all member countries that the person is wanted based on an arrest warrant or equivalent judicial decision issued by a country or an international tribunal. INTERPOL does not issue arrest warrants. 

Who are the subjects of Red Notices?

Red Notices are issued for individuals sought for prosecution or to serve a sentence. When the individual is sought for prosecution it means they are suspected of committing a crime but have not yet been prosecuted and so should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

How is a Red Notice issued?

  1. Police in one of our member countries request a Red Notice via their National Central Bureau and provide information on the case.
  2. The INTERPOL General Secretariat publishes the Notice after a compliance check is completed.
  3. Police all around the world are alerted.

Why is the Red Notice important?

  • It gives high, international visibility to cases
  • Criminals and suspects are flagged to border officials, making travel difficult
  • Countries can request and share critical information linked to an investigation.

Can I look up a Red Notice?

While most Red Notices are restricted to law enforcement use only, some member countries choose to make an extract publicly available. This includes information such as the individual’s name and the criminal charges for which they are wanted. The full Red Notice contains additional information for law enforcement purposes only. See public extracts of Red Notices.

What should I do if I have information on an individual?

Please inform your local police authorities and/or the INTERPOL General Secretariat.

What can I do if I am featured in the “wanted persons” section and I would like to seek more information or ask for the Notice to be removed?

You can contact the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF), which is an independent monitoring body. Applications to the CCF are free of charge and treated confidentially.


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Can you help?

Do you have information that could help locate a fugitive or missing person? If so, contact the police in your area who will notify INTERPOL.

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