INTERPOL Statement on South Africa's Police Commissioner and INTERPOL President Jackie Selebi

7 November 2006

Statement in response to recent press coverage of South African Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi, President of INTERPOL

INTERPOL's President, the Commissioner of Police for South Africa, Jackie Selebi, is a man of the highest professionalism and integrity.  First as INTERPOL's Vice-President for Africa and now as INTERPOL's President, Commissioner Selebi has worked hard to ensure that both South Africans and the citizens of all of INTERPOL's 186 member countries are safer than they otherwise would be. 

Under his leadership, INTERPOL has helped police arrest more fugitives worldwide, share more information internationally about dangerous criminals and cooperate more effectively across national borders than at any time in history. 

It would be very unfortunate if anyone were to credit unsubstantiated rumours over the word of such an honorable and dedicated public servant.  INTERPOL finds Commissioner Selebi's statement to be clear and unequivocal, and one which accurately reflects the honest, upright, and strong leadership he has demonstrated on behalf of not only the Organization, but also the global law enforcement community.