Stadia activities

We bring experts together to share best practice on security for sporting events.

Expert working groups

Project Stadia organizes annual expert group meetings on the key themes of legislation, physical security and cybersecurity.

These meetings gather global experts from law enforcement, event organizing committees, government, the private sector, academia and civil society. Together they explore state-of-the-art research and analysis, and develop independent recommendations for planning and executing security arrangements for major international sporting events.


Sharing best practice

Every country which hosts a major international event wants it to be trouble-free and successful. Every event holds valuable lessons not only for the host country, but for all those who will host major events in the future. It is important to capture best practices and lessons learned before, during and after major international sporting events.

To do this, Project Stadia conducts observation and debriefing programmes with designated security officials from both the public sector and private sector who have direct responsibilities for policing and security operations.

“Our communities face an array of crime and security threats that can impact on major sporting events.” Jürgen Stock, Secretary General


Project Stadia works with recognized academic institutions to identify training needs and develop training curricula, along with an international accreditation programme, for law enforcement in this area.


Project Stadia continues to develop strategic partnerships with key international organizations to help promote security for major international events, assist in the development of good practices and provide assurance of quality and standards to member countries.



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