Major events and public health

Keeping major events secure during a pandemic.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to protect public health has become an additional challenge in making sure that major events run safely and securely.

At sporting events, concerts and other large-scale events, law enforcement agencies have had to review their risk assessment procedures and adjust to new health practices. These include the use of personal protective equipment, hygiene measures and physical distancing. Another factor to consider as a result of the pandemic is engagement with crowds and protest groups.

Guidance document

An INTERPOL guide, produced under Project Stadia, supports law enforcement professionals and event organizers in the planning, management and command of major events or operations within the context of COVID-19 or any other public health crisis.

The document – INTERPOL Guidance for Managing Major Event Public Health Risk (see Related Documents below) – draws on best practices and recommendations from experts in 50 countries who experienced COVID-19 on the front lines while securing major events in their countries.

The lessons learned will help other police around the world to incorporate local and national health advice into their risk assessments and operational plans for their events.

Comprehensive preparation is key to responding to the global public health concerns of the future, and to ensuring the safety of event participants, spectators, and law enforcement officers alike.