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A global transformation in policing is possible, but only with your support

Transformation requires investment

The I-CORE Programme is forward-looking, ambitious and far-reaching. As such, it will require significant financial investment. We estimate it will require approximately EUR 80 million to implement and maintain the programme over 10 years.

Initiatives will be grouped into four phases for implementation, with each phase costing between EUR 10 and 25 million. In order to deliver the full range of initiatives on a sustainable basis, we are seeking multi-year support.

“Effective law enforcement is a critical component of international security. Your investment can help make the world a safer place.” Jürgen Stock, INTERPOL Secretary General

Join us in implementing change

We are calling on the commitment of partners to support the innovative work of the I-CORE programme.

As the programme is composed of a number of interdependent projects, contributions will be channelled into a dedicated Police Capabilities Enhancement Fund to ensure a coordinated delivery of the overall programme objectives.

Accountability, transparency and trust

In order to ensure good governance and accountability, the fund will be managed under an existing legal framework. A Steering Committee, chaired by Executive level management, will be responsible for implementation of the programme and management of the Fund in full transparency.

Imagine what we could achieve together

If you would like to help drive this transformation and turn our vision into impact, our dedicated team would be pleased to talk to you.

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