Corruption in sport

Sport brings people together, but criminals looking to make large profits can undermine its integrity.

Sport is a source of unity for many around the world. Watching and playing sport transcends differences in language, culture and beliefs. But in recent years, the manipulation of sporting competitions by organized syndicates has been threatening the integrity of sport.

With large profits to be made and a limited risk of detection, competition manipulation has become attractive to criminals.

Tackling match-fixing and other crimes in sport requires national and international cooperation between sport, public authorities, betting regulators, the gambling industry and law enforcement. We help bring all these stakeholders together to counter crimes in sport.

Match-Fixing Task Force

The INTERPOL Match-Fixing Task Force (IMFTF) brings together law enforcement agencies from around the world to tackle match-fixing and corruption in sport.

We support member countries in match-fixing investigations and operations in all sports, and maintain a global network of match-fixing investigators so they can share information, intelligence and best practices.

The IMFTF currently has 83 member units (82 jurisdictions and Europol), with more than 120 national points of contact worldwide. This network allows the task force to act as a platform for cross-border investigations and international case coordination, with meetings held regularly.

INTERPOL Match-Fixing Task Force

Contact the IMFTF for operational support and case coordination.

Building capacity for police and sport

We carry out a joint capacity building and training programme with the International Olympic Committee to combat competition manipulation. The programme is provided to law enforcement, government agencies, sports, betting operators and regulators, and integrates them into our global network.

Law enforcement investigators training

This training provides law enforcement with the skills to investigate competition manipulation, focusing on transnational investigations, evidence collection and evaluation, betting monitoring, working with sports, and the key role of the Match-Fixing Task Force.

Fact-finders training for sport organizations

This training develops capacity in sport organizations to investigate and sanction competition manipulation. It focuses on investigative techniques typical of police work such as interview skills and information collection and evaluation, but also the monitoring of sports betting.

Regional/national integrity in sport workshops

These workshops bring together national or regional stakeholders to raise awareness, identify good practices and encourage cooperation to address competition manipulation.

National partnership development meetings

These meetings bring together representatives from government, sports, betting regulators and operators, and law enforcement to develop a specific national strategy to address competition manipulation. They address legislative and regulatory frameworks, prevention and training, and intelligence and investigations capacity.

Media monitoring

We monitor media on competition manipulation and compile an overview of open source reports in a bi-weekly newsletter which is shared with more than 3,000 parties.

Integrity in Sport

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