Region: Americas
National Central Bureau: Brasilia
Member since: 6 October 1986
How INTERPOL supports Brazil to tackle international crime.

Tackling organized crime in the Americas

Brazil is the largest South American country, with 16,000 km of land border and 8,000 km of coastline to protect against incoming crime. Its geographic location at the heart of the Americas, and its numerous maritime ports sitting on transshipment routes to global markets, make it attractive to organized crime.

The capacity to take investigations beyond this vast expanse of territory to work with police forces the world over is crucial to safeguarding Brazilian national security.

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in Brasilia plays a fundamental role in protecting the country’s economy, institutions and businesses against global crime.

INTERPOL in Brazil

The Brazilian NCB is part of the ‘International Cooperation General Coordination’ unit of the Brazilian Federal Police. Police in 26 states use the NCB as a gateway to international police cooperation, accessing INTERPOL databases and taking part in regional operations, particularly in the field of fugitive investigations.

Immigration officers have access to INTERPOL databases so they can detect if a traveler is wanted by INTERPOL or traveling on a stolen passport. Brazilian embassies around the world consult INTERPOL databases each time a visa application is made.

Between 2014 and 2018, the INTERPOL NCB in Brasilia coordinated more than 200 arrests of international fugitives in Brazil.

National law enforcement services in Brazil

Law enforcement services in Brazil are provided by a combination of federal and state bodies:

  • Federal Police;
  • Federal Highway Police;
  • Federal Railway Police;
  • State Military Police and Fire Brigade;
  • State Civil Police.

The INTERPOL Brasilia NCB is part of Brazil’s Federal Police which is under the command of the Minister of Justice and Public Security.