INTERPOL and Fair Trials chiefs discuss recent reforms

26 July 2019
Meeting part of ongoing and constructive dialogue on international police cooperation and human rights

LYON, France – The head of INTERPOL, Secretary General Jürgen Stock, met with Fair Trials Chief Executive Jago Russell to discuss reforms implemented to enhance the integrity of INTERPOL’s network and notices system.

INTERPOL and Fair Trials chiefs discuss recent reforms
INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock and Fair Trials’ Chief Executive Jago Russell discussed recent reforms.

Mr Russell, and Fair Trials’ Senior Policy Advisor Bruno Min, were updated on new processes and procedures put in place by INTERPOL to ensure Red Notices and wanted person diffusions comply with the Organization’s Constitution and rules.

A new Statute for Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF) which profoundly reformed its composition, structure, and procedures, came into force in March 2017. The statute reinforced the CCF’s supervisory and advisory functions, while strengthening its ability to provide an effective remedy for individuals with regard to data which may be in INTERPOL’s files.

In today’s complex threat landscape, INTERPOL’s notices remain a vital tool for police cooperation, requiring support from its 194 member countries to ensure information being shared is accurate and relevant.

INTERPOL looks forward to continued engagement with organizations such as Fair Trials as part of the ongoing process to ensure its work in global law enforcement demonstrates a respect for human rights and the status of persons without regard to political, military, religious or racial bias.